XXL (36"x36")* Washable Pad - 6 Pack

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Product Overview

Lennypads are an economical and environmental alternative to disposable potty pads, towels, and newspaper. Each Lennypad is ultra absorbent, leak-proof, and can be washed and reused 100’s of times. The quick wicking surface allows rapid drying which keeps your pet dry, comfortable, and clean. Lennypads are designed with an ULTRA absorbent soaker layer allowing for maximum volumes of liquid. Keep surfaces dry and clean with the commercial-grade, leak-proof barrier. Lennypads are also perfect for crate liners or whelping box liners. Lennypads are proudly made in the USA with your pet’s health and comfort in mind.

*Dimensions noted are nominal sizes. Actual length and width may vary up to 1 1/2" due to manufacturing variances.
Pads can shrink up to 8% after laundering.
Wash before first use for best results.